The 8b10b line code is widely used to achieve DC-balance and bounded disparity when transmitting serial data over a medium. It ensures enough state transitions to allow the use of a Clock Recovery unit. Thus both data and clock are encoded in the serial data stream.

The RoaLogic 8b10b decoder is a full implementation of the 8b10b scheme described by Widmer and Franaszek, as used by many high-speed protocols. The decoder takes 10bit symbols and decodes them into 8bit data while simultaneously checking for bit errors. The core detects the special comma symbols and automatically detects K28.5.

Two cores can be cascaded to support 16b20b decoding.

8b/10b Decoder


  • 8b10b decoding
  • Can be cascaded for 16b20b decoding
  • Supports industry standard comma “K” symbols
  • Pipelined design
  • Low latency
  • Fully synthesizable
  • Target technology independent


Documentation & Source Code